Monday, April 30, 2012

Sesame Street - T-shirt proposals

I'm currently hooked on designing T-shirts for Threadless' Sesame Street contest. As usual, more ideas than time to get them on paper. Here's what I've contributed so far (along with the links if you want to support them):

COLOR ME SESAME: For over 40 years, Sesame Street has inspired, entertained and taught children all over the world and all of different backgrounds. For many kids, Sesame Street opened up their world to people of different skin colors, beliefs and abilities. Most importantly, everyone on the show was treated with the same level of respect and understanding, even if they happened to live in a garbage can or be a bumbling superhero. I wanted to pay tribute to this diversity and history with a colorful design. See the official entry at

POCKET GROUCH: Let your pocket do the talking with this tribute to everyone's favorite grouch. Lucky for you, his friend Slimey came along for the ride. Does not come with actual pocket or actual Oscar. ;). Support at

REMEMBERING MR. HOOPER: When considering ideas for this challenge, I searched through my memory banks for some defining moments in the show. But nothing on Sesame Street still resonates with me as much as when, as a youngster in 1983, I learned that Mr. Hooper (and actor Will Lee) passed away. The child in me still gets very upset as I remember it but, viewing the scene as an adult, I am shocked at how expertly the Sesame writers handled that moment. A truly amazing moment in children's television. Support at

C IS FOR COOKIE: C is for Cookie (and Cookie Monster). That's good enough for me. Support at

Monday, February 27, 2012

Sesame Street Alphabet

Yes, I've done another alphabet. See for my Pixar Alphabet, Simpsons Alphabet and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle Alphabet, with more to come.

This time, I wanted to pay tribute to another Jim Henson creation after the success of my Muppet Alphabet and my continued appreciation of these characters, but Sesame Street spans so many years and so many generations of fans that it was difficult to try to restrict to only one character per letter. After all, how do you choose between Bert and Big Bird? Elmo and Ernie?

So in the theme of education, I opted to expand this alphabet to include upper and lower case letters for more of an epic creation. Even with this, I had to put some popular characters aside, including Hoots the Owl, the Tweedlebugs, SAM the Robot, Sully, Biff, Barkley, Betty Lou and Baby Bear (that's a lot of B's). How many can you name?

Please visit for a key.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

P is for Pixar (Pixar Alphabet)

Other than the Disney connection, this doesn't have much of a link to the Muppets. But I'm so happy with how it turned out that I thought I would share it here as well.

Presenting, the Pixar Alphabet:

For a key on who is who, visit Mike Baboon Design (