Friday, June 24, 2011

Drawn Together

A common theme in Muppet movies has always been that no matter what the circumstances, the Muppets always find a way to come together to beat the odds. With this design, I decided to take that one step further and actually design a collage by linking the Muppets together based on common elements in their features. They are "Together Again" (cue the music).

I had originally been working on this idea for the Muppet Threadless contest. I ran short on time before the deadline to make this an all-inclusive as I would have liked (I originally envisioned it as a drawing that would cover the whole shirt), but I still wanted to get it out there. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen... It's The Muppet Alphabet (NEW AND IMPROVED)

Welcome to the new home of The Muppet Alphabet. I hope you like the new graphic for the letter "X" and I hope it isn't too hard to decipher the idea. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on what to use to fill the void.

The original Muppet Alphabet can still be found at

Since there were no real Muppet Show-related Muppets whose names started with X, I decided to run with the idea of "x"-featured players. In other words, characters that got a lot of play early on The Muppet Show but have since become background Muppets or just disappeared (comics excepted). Calling them ex-Muppets seemed a little harsh.

EDIT: Final version of the Muppet Alphabet can now be seen at