Thursday, November 17, 2011

Muppet Alphabet Prints

More great news! I had such positive feedback with the Muppet Alphabet shirts on Threadless that the design is now available as a print as well at

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Muppet Alphabet - In T-shirt form!

Exciting news: My Muppet Alphabet design has been turned into official Disney merchandise!

Decorate your midsection and learn your Muppet Alphabet at,guys/style,shirt

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Muppet Vinylmation Series 5 Proposal - Classic Muppet Movie Moments

With the release of The Muppets just around the corner, I figured it was time for one more set of Muppet Vinylmation art. I tried something a little different this time, focusing on key scenes from the first three Muppet Movies.

Depicted are:
  • Rainbow Connection Kermit, Electric Mayhem Bus, Airborne Gonzo and Growth Pill Animal (from 1979's The Muppet Movie)
  • Wedding Kermit, Wedding Piggy, Manhattan Melodies Program and Sardi's Kermit (from 1984's The Muppets Take Manhattan)
  • Motorcycle Piggy, Airfreight Gonzo and Fozzie, Fozzie and Kermit's Dad and Gang in Disguise (from 1981's The Great Muppet Caper)
The Gang in Disguise would be the chaser in this set. The back of the figure would be a mirror image of the front except everyone would have their fake glasses and mustaches removed.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Muppet Cake

Credit for this one must go to my sister-in-law. Even though she finds the Muppets "creepy" (she's never been able to get over the inter-species dating), she did a fabulous job of this birthday cake.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Muppets in Space

Here's my tribute to Pigs in Space and the various aliens that the Muppets encountered during the course of The Muppet Show.

I had originally intended this to be a concept for the Muppets T-shirt contest. The idea was that nothing would be more adventurous - or dangerous - than being a "red shirt" on the Swine Trek. But since the contest was only open to residents of the US, that plan was shot into space.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Muppet Vinylmation Series 4

After such a strong positive response to my proposal for Muppet Vinylmation Series 3, it was only a matter of time before I got through some designs for a Series 4.

Originally I pictured the adult Skeeter as the chaser, but once I designed '80s Robot, I knew he would be the better choice. He would be printed on a clear mold like Waldo was in Series 1.

Also, I never would have imagined putting Wayne and Wanda on here (after all, I once considered them X-Muppets in the alphabet), but after seeing them prominently in the trailers for The Muppets and the OK Go video, I knew it was time for them to shine.

It says something about the scope of the Muppet universe knowing that I'm considering at least two other full sets of Muppet Vinylmation (in other words, stay tuned!) and in neither case do I feel like I'm scraping the bottom of the barrel.

A big thanks goes out to Ryan Dosier at The Muppet Mindset for featuring my work and the exclusive first look at this series.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Tough Pigs - Happy 10th Anniversary

I did up the following collage for the Muppet fansite to celebrate their 10th Anniversary. I was going to do something along a birthday cake theme but while digging through the ToughPigs archives for ideas, I realized there were a bunch of great memories in there. So decided to put them all together into one image.

A big thanks and congratulations to all of the Tough Pigs who keep the website movin' right along.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Doc Hopper's Other Ideas

After Kermit slipped through his fingers, The Muppet Movie's villainous Doc Hopper had some other ideas.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

Muppet Vinylmation Series 3 (Fingers crossed)

I recently found myself addicted to the Muppet Vinylmations sold at The Disney Store and Disney Theme Parks. Now that I've pretty much completed the Muppet series though (with the exception of that dang elusive Kermit), I realized something: I want more. And no, not just other Disney sets. I want more Muppets.

So, not knowing if there was a Muppet Series 3 on the horizon, I thought I would make up my own. I tried to take perceived printing limitations into consideration as well (which is why the Newsman doesn't have a plaid jacket). This was actually a lot of fun. I've already got a bunch of ideas for future series. Enjoy!

By the way, I envisioned Jim Henson as the chaser (when I first did this, I didn't realize that Disney may not own the rights to the Jim Muppet from The Muppet Show). Also, I didn't add it here, but Beauregard could use a hat as an accessory.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Drawn Together

A common theme in Muppet movies has always been that no matter what the circumstances, the Muppets always find a way to come together to beat the odds. With this design, I decided to take that one step further and actually design a collage by linking the Muppets together based on common elements in their features. They are "Together Again" (cue the music).

I had originally been working on this idea for the Muppet Threadless contest. I ran short on time before the deadline to make this an all-inclusive as I would have liked (I originally envisioned it as a drawing that would cover the whole shirt), but I still wanted to get it out there. Enjoy!

Saturday, June 4, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen... It's The Muppet Alphabet (NEW AND IMPROVED)

Welcome to the new home of The Muppet Alphabet. I hope you like the new graphic for the letter "X" and I hope it isn't too hard to decipher the idea. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions on what to use to fill the void.

The original Muppet Alphabet can still be found at

Since there were no real Muppet Show-related Muppets whose names started with X, I decided to run with the idea of "x"-featured players. In other words, characters that got a lot of play early on The Muppet Show but have since become background Muppets or just disappeared (comics excepted). Calling them ex-Muppets seemed a little harsh.

EDIT: Final version of the Muppet Alphabet can now be seen at